Voice Snap for Conference Calls

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How it works? 

Are you aware that you are paying too much for your Conference Call needs?

A conference calls that connects people scattered across various geographic locations simultaneously, is essential for any modern business. This vital service often has some drawbacks:
  1. In a conventional setup, each participant has to dial in to join a conference call. Hence each participant has to pay out of their own pockets to join a conference call.
  2. The service provider is paid additional fees for regular usage of services.
  3. There is a possibility that a third person might sneak into the call session.

Voice Snap for Conference Calls


An innovative conference call that helps drastically to reduces the overall conference call cost and enhance security of the call session.
  1. Outward Dialing: A centralised server dials out to the participants registered in a call session. This eliminates the call cost which the participant in a session would usually spend in a conventional system.
  2. Web Based Interface: The whole system is web based which offers dynamic flexibility to the moderator.
  3. Enhanced Security: The process eliminates the possibility of an unregistered person sneaking into the call session. Also the whole system can be deployed onsite for added security.
  4. Pay as you use: Pay for the duration of the service used, which makes it a sensible alternative for your conference calls.

Value Benefits:

  • Affordable by small and medium enterprises.
  • Voice logs are created for future references and minutes creation.
  • Report generation after each call session.