Voice Snap for Feet on Street

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How it works? 

Are you maximizing the productivity of you FoS agents?

It seems simple. The more face time your FoS agents have with customers, the more productive they are for your business. But their productivity is hampered by:
  1. Loss of customer face time due to the need to report directly to the office.
  2. Loss or delays in securing information due to language or back-end data processing barriers.
  3. Difficult to use high end devices.

Voice Snap for Feet on Street Solution:

Real time, easy to use, comprehensive and cost effective voice based information recording system.
There's no more need for your agent to report directly to office when he is busy on the street! Voice Snap for Feet on Street allows your salesman to record information from anywhere he is and store the messages. Management can access these messages at any point of time and transcribe voice into text.
  1. Maximizes customer face time: Provides quick and convenient way for FoS agents to send information.
  2. Comprehensive and real time information capture for faster processing: Addresses language barriers and eliminates stress on the back-end processing team.
  3. Cost effective and easy to use: Eliminates the need for high end devices with high cognitive load.

Ideal for Diverse Business Segments:

  • BFSI – Primarily for insurance agents & sales managers - activity management.
  • SMEs with Feet on Street.
  • FMCG | Large Corporates.
  • Survey & Market Research Organization.