Voice Snap for Schools

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How it works? 

Are you in need of a reliable tool to communicate with the parents of your students?

Many a times, parents are often clueless about what is happening in school. The efforts taken to communicate everyday updates at school is often made ineffective due to some of the following reasons:
  1. Children do not recollect what happened in their class.
  2. Working parents do not have time to periodically check what is happening in school.
  3. Circulars given to the students may get lost, damaged or forgotten.

Voice Snap for Schools Solution:

A reliable and easy to use tool to communicate with parents using asynchronous communication.
Voice Snap for School replaces conventional forms of group communication with voice based messages which reaches parents through their mobiles.
  1. Contact Specific Group: Easily contact parents from a specific standard, section or from the whole school.
  2. Easy to use: Simple setup. No intensive training required to use the system.
  3. No Expenditure: No capital expenditure needed.
  4. Easy to track: Track the reach of the messages.


  1. Can be used during holidays.
  2. No Government regulations such as mobile SMS.
  3. Parents can listen to the messages any number of times.
  4. Can be used for quick turnaround updates.