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Objective: Ensuring safety in transportation through effective and instant communication:


  • Real-time alert based transport coordination (pick-up and drop).
  • Get alerts on pick-up / drop times and driver / passenger details.
  • Eliminates dealing with multiple people / number – One number is all one needs to remember.
  • Safety of women employees.
  • Trail of all calls made and conversations between driver and associates is recorded.
  • Secured communication through cloud based technology.

(Bus Alerts):

  • Real-time alerts on pick-up points and time.
  • Configurable alert time window.
  • Call routed to employee / passenger mobile.

Industries Supported:

  • All industries that provide employee transportation.
  • Specifically IT & ITeS which has late night transports.
  • Schools providing transport for students.


  • Ensures utmost safety by protecting contact numbers of passengers.
  • Tracks and reports transport operations for audits and compliance.