In India, school and administrators are using mobile apps to engage students, faculty, parents and community in getting an A+ in leveraging the power of mobile. Mobile apps aren’t used for shopping and gaming, but also provide utility and connect people about information that matters in daily lives. Apps can integrate with existing student information systems like attendance records, grades, teacher’s comments and real-time progress reports. Apps are also used for distance online education and make easy to submit assignments on time.

Schools use these apps to push notifications to parents in case of an emergency announcement and parents can use these apps to keep track of important dates and school events. At the high school level, the mobile app makes easy to contact teachers for questions or concerns to assist prospective and current students alike. The accessibility of smartphones is leading the parents to get in touch with the school in a matter of a few minutes.

Benefits Of Using School Communication App in India

School parent communication application helps us get updates about school events and extracurricular activities, reference point to school policies, course calendar and notes. Here are 4 ways the school mobile applications are useful to the parents,

  • Engaging students and parents
  • Access to information
  • Opening the lines of communication
  • Community development

Connect to School AppSchool communication app India gives additional value by providing news, academic information of students, linking to maps, bus routes and also sharing the daily menu. Mobile apps are easy to access information for those who are unable to connect the schools in the digital world. The accessibility of smartphones in India from the past few years is being really close to the universal. These apps are making it possible to connect with faculty and staff, board members from the app via click-to-call features. Apps can send alerts, provide a forum for discussion and integrate with calendars through smartphones.

Strengthening parent-school communications through school parent apps

Teachers and students are the most important contributors to the child’s early growth and bringing out the best in the child. As most of the parents and teachers are active smartphone users, they channelize communication through tech-mediated means. Parental involvement in school is not only limited to attend parent-teacher meetings and signing report cards but also attending the debates on improving the quality of education and focus on the importance of parent’s inputs. All through the year parental participation and attention is essential to a child’s academic excellence.

In India, some of the parents hesitate to connect with schools and gauge the child’s progress because they are unsure about the questions they need to ask or they have no time to regularly meet teachers. Teachers perceive that parents don’t want to get involved with the school but the fact is many parents don’t know how to get involved with the school. Teachers are also blamed for teaching methods and performance of the child by pushy parents. So, it is essential to have healthy communication between teachers and parents through school communication app.

Both of them should be proactive communicators as occasional sharing of information about a child does not help. Schools should try to dispel parents discomfort and motivate to actively be a part of their child’s learning process. So, having school mobile application technology helps to communicate with each other.

Reasons why parent feedback is necessary for communication in India

With the technology and school ecosystems, it is easy for parents to stay updated with their child’s progress and track of everything that happens in their children’s lives. The parents can give feedback quickly and efficiently and take part in surveys for better approaches and support for the school. Parents take a greater role in a child’s education and activities around the school leading children do better academically and socially. Involving parents by asking their options may solicit good ideas and suggestions from them. Parents’ positive perception influences the student’s academic, social and emotional learning. The school ensures to have full views for the parents about school development planning.

The school mobile application gets the parents involved in the decision to build a strong relationship and encourages involvement in the child’s learning and progress. Thanks to the app for providing parents to get more engaged in a child’s school day and education.