With the popularity and surge in the use of smartphones, there are several tens of thousands of mobile apps. These apps are playing a significant role in how we use our smart devices and deliver a much-improved experience. Mobile apps help us get almost everything from shopping, ticket booking, communication, etc. in a few taps of your fingertips. Basically, mobile apps are meant to make our lives much easier by increasing convenience.

Given that there are apps for almost every task that we need to do, schools in India are also embracing technology and adapting to the use of school parent communication apps. Well, school apps will pave the way for effective communication between parents and teachers. It can help schools reach more parents without taking a lot of efforts. Already, schools own a website and communicate with parents via SMS and emails. In that case, schools will not prefer these apps only for notifications. So, here is a list of features that schools seek from apps that are meant for parents and teachers.

Tight integration is essential for a School app in India

One of the essential features of a school mobile app is integration. With the integration, it is possible to offer targeted information to the staff, faculty, students and parents. School apps should let users send relevant information for various segments as there are no one-size-fits-all notifications for parents. This can be based on the level of grade, for students participating in an event, etc. Basically, the information that the recipients get should be relevant to them.

With tight integration, it will be easy to manage the information that is shared. If it is implemented effectively, then the mobile app integration will be quite beneficial for the users. Such a school app will let parents access the website of the school via the app. This helps them access the information they need easily and quickly.

School app used by schools in India should have a detailed calendar

Schools in India provide an almanack that is rich in information. It comes with the contact numbers of the school, a calendar that has all the holidays, events and more listed, etc. Likewise, it is important to have all the details included in the mobile app that the schools want to use for effective communication with parents and students.

Voice Snap - School Mobile AppBenefits of having a detailed calendar included in the mobile app include,

  • Easy access to the school’s schedule
  • Reduced number of calls to the school office
  • Students will be prepared for exams
  • Prior information about events

Having a user-friendly and stable calendar is essential. It should have accurate information and big buttons for easy navigation. When parents are aware of the school’s schedule well in advance, they can plan their programs accordingly. Also, students will get to know about the exam schedule in advance helping them prepare for the same without any surprises.

Schools apps in India share necessary information with parents

It is known that parents have to be involved in the progress of their wards as it is imperative. And, this involvement will be made relatively easier with the use of an efficient mobile app. Schools can deploy such apps to communicate with parents regarding grades and scores that their children have scored. The app can also provide information about the homework assignments that are provided to students on a daily basis. But this will be effective only with 100% integration and responsive design.

Besides this, schools should also use the mobile app in an efficient and useful way. They should showcase the latest happenings via photos and videos as visual content always has a good reach. Photos and videos will play a significant role in the schools’ communication, so they have to find a way to accommodate the same. When schools share details about these events, all parents can stay updated about the happenings via the mobile app. In some cases, schools can also include a form that they need the parents to fill out on the app itself.