Communication is an important factor in the development of one’s company. Nowadays, a lot of corporate companies are coming forward to adopt a wide range of new technologies for effective and efficient communication. One such technology is audio conferencing, which is budding as it is beneficial. The audio conference call providers are providing the best quality and service to the clients. It is a lot cheaper than other means of conferencing.

Voicesnap, one of the leading comprehensive conferencing platforms offers the best audio conference call services. It is an innovative conferencing, interactive and collaborative system that allows you to conduct the meetings over the internet virtually anywhere and at anytime. The platform is easily accessible and requires the internet connection to get started.

Uses of audio conference call service providers in India

Best audio conference call app solves the purpose of communication and collaboration simultaneously. An audio conference can be done with two or many parties involving at the same time. It works just like a telephone call only. Each participant needs audio conferencing software, microphone-equipped and a fast internet connection.

Audio conferencing is conducted through a telephone line or internet with the help of devices such as phones or computers. If the person wants to listen, he or she just requires the speakers, if he or she wants to speak also, then a microphone is needed. In India, audio conference call service providers offer the following benefits to the users,

  • Up to 100 participants
  • Fluent group talk and clear voice
  • Join in from desktop/mobile/web
  • Recording and playback
  • Toll-free service available

Key benefits of audio conference call service

Audio conference call is widely accessible in India through telephone. In this, multiple parties can participate in the discussion. It makes people participate in a conversation without physically present in the meeting. The phones used for this kind of communication are wired handheld phone, a conference room speakerphone or individual mobile phones. All though colleagues are geographically separated, they are united to discuss the particulars of the project. The best local audio conference call service providers to enhance the experience of their clients. They help them record the conference call or mute the conference too based on their requirement.

Audio conferencing is a cost-effective communication tool providing us with a relatively high quality of a call. It’s much cheaper compared to other means of conferencing. It is commonly used by colleagues, customers and partners for the purpose of communicating and collaborating at a pocket-friendly price. Auto conferencing is easy to set up and accessible. By making use of audio conferencing call service providers, it is easy to host a conference call through telephone lines and computers. Many people make business trips and invest a lot of money for the employee to have business travel. Audio conferencing is an alternative to a business trip. It saves a lot of time and money.

Disadvantages of audio conference call service

The communication is verbal which means it doesn’t support visual images, so you can’t see and understand the facial expression, eye movement and body language of the person you are talking to. The best way to solve the problem is by choosing an audio and video conferencing system. The audio conference call service providers host a voice and video conferencing which the communication and cooperation more productive, effective and efficient.

Audio conferencing does not keep you focused on meetings as we do not see the person in the call is properly listening to you or not. Instead of audio and video conferencing are beneficial during the meetings as they are exposed to the camera. At times, during the audio conferencing the sound transmission becomes poor due to relies on the telephone wires. The background noise also affects and cuts the call. Therefore, the quality of the conference call is not reliable. Instant messaging is another popular way of communicating in the office and gives a better response in time as well. The headset quality affects the call quality during audio conferencing. It finds hard to manage people coming and going during the call. During the audio conference, people tend to speak over one another. After going through the definition of audio conferencing, advantages and disadvantages, you will definitely find the right choice for communication in your business.