Audio Conferencing services by Voice SnapConference calls are the most selected mode for communication for business people to keep in contact with clients, colleagues and stakeholders who are in various places of the world. The conference calls are used by the individuals also to stay connected with their family members and friends. The service providers of the conference calls host a server which helps to connect multiple lines at the scheduled time.

The mobile phone is the one you require to start conferencing with people from anywhere across the globe. Nearly 99 participants are allowed on one call by the technology of service providers. The participants can speak and listen to one another in audio conference calls. The web and video conference calls are the famed options. In the video conferencing, the participants can see and listen to each other. In web conferencing, the files are transferred within the participants at the same time.

Disadvantages of audio conference calls in India

Audio quality is very important in conference calls for a successful business. Poor connections, low quality and disruptions give a halt to the meeting. Different smart-phones, VoIP lines, Wi-Fi use and many, adds a risk factor and creates complexity in the conference calls. The video absence creates dilemmas in the meeting. The attendee gets confused with who’s answering at the other end. The participants face continuous interruption which leads to missing objectives.
The conference call without a visual view is tough to keep attention. By the movements and facial expressions, the host will be able to understand the attendee about the feeling and perceive of the presentation. With audio conference calls, it’s hard for the victory in the meetings. The conference calls give constant tangents which decrease productivity due to poor audio quality.

Negative impact on the brain by poor conference calls in India

The weak audio quality during a conference call leads to a negative impact on the brain. Some of the bad audio qualities are,

  • Background noise
  • Hearing loss
  • Poor audio volume

Audio Conferencing call Services by Voice SnapThe main issue for poor audio quality is influenced by background noise. The background noise is a nuisance and kills the concentration during the conference call. The background noise affect a person’s health. The background noise increases the stress levels such as migraine headaches, high blood pressure and coronary disease. The background noise causes tension and decreases brain function to an extent, lessens the learning skills and reduces the memory.

Hearing loss is the worst situation, as it’s hard to understand the speaking of the people. The person feels stress to understand the verbal communication and negatively impacts on cognitive performance. The brain is great in reacting quickly and focuses rapidly on visual stimuli. In a conference call, there are lots of negative issues such as background noise, poor volume and echo. The brain feels tough to concentrate on the main source of sound and experiences tiredness. A good conference call requires the best audio quality. The best audio enhances the brain function and facilitates better communication.

India has the best online voice calling app with unique features

Voice calling is an essential part for the smart-phone users. The online voice calling app in India has gained popularity in business. The calling app is alternate to a traditional landline. Using an online voice calling app, you can make calls to anywhere in the world where internet connection is accessible. All the national and international calls are free with this calling app. You just have to pay for internet access. The audio conference app has various features such as call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail, blocking, call distribution and voice recognition. The calling app makes it easier to stay connected and also saves time.

The voice calling app works on all the smartphones, so that you can make and receive calls from any part of the world. The online voice calling app has the lowest cost and thus increases the savings. The calling app increases the production in an organization. The voice calls in this app offer superior call quality. The best part in online voice calling app is the ability to connect voice calls even on patchy and slow networks.