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Teleconferencing In Today’s World

With the pandemic necessitating teleconferences for a productive ‘work from home’ experience, issues concerning improper conferencing can be highly annoying as these disrupt productivity over the long run. Teleconference services in India play a significant role in bringing together individual employees who work from home and engage them in handling their jobs effectively. Auto conferencing…

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What Exactly Is Voice Broadcasting?

For the uninitiated, Voice Broadcasting is a mass communication technique that allows you to simultaneously send out telephone messages to a hundred recipients in a single attempt. Having been in existence since the 1990s, Voice Broadcasting is a perfect example of how communication has evolved with technology to shrink global boundaries. Growing in leaps and…

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School students holding earth globe on their hands

Easy Tricks To Make Schools Eco-Friendly!

Given the impact of climate change and the wasteful habits of humans, it is high time that every person on earth becomes more aware of the environment. And what better place to start being eco-friendly than a school? When you teach children about their carbon footprint and how they adversely impact nature, you ensure that…

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Little boy trying to retrieve answer for writing in exam

Who is a Slow Learner?

In today’s India, every stage is a battle. Everyone from little children to adults is constantly on a race to level up with their peers. Yet some children are left lagging due to some inherent learning disabilities. Such kids, often referred to as slow learners, do have the potential to excel if they are guided…

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