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Interactive voice response system changes the way business is perceived. It plays a significant role in enhancing customer interaction.

At a low cost, a dynamic, interactive voice response system is devised to meet the demands of the emerging markets. Our teleconference service is designed to conduct meetings without the need for physical presence.

With our IVR system, 24/7/365 access to a cheerful voice handing over valuable information has become possible. It is a onetime investment, and there is no recurring cost involved.

International conferencing services are made possible with Voice Snap at an affordable price.

Learn How To Setup A Phone Conference Call Service

Voice Snap outbound voice conferencing call service meets your business needs. The outbound conferencing tool is a web page based; our latest innovation is HD Audio conferencing. Our call center solutions are Dynamic Business Logic Engine based solution for exceptional business communication. The call routing system uses Dynamic Business Logic Engine and can be integrated with mobile technology facilitating call swapping, web page updates for callers and click to call services.

Conference Call Services For Small Businesses

Expanding Frontiers

Resolve your communication barriers with our asynchronous communication. It is an emerging technology facilitating communication from anywhere, anytime. It is a unique blend of voice, mobile and web technologies to promote business performance. Through our innovative communication system, we can help resolve communication barriers, promote employee safety, maximise the use of resources and time management.

Small businesses can immensely benefit from Voice Snap services as it is versatile, convenient and systematic. It provides a dashboard of resources and is accessible round the clock.


What does the Voice Snap team have to offer

We understand the communication challenges faced by the business and find simple and scalable solutions complying with industry touchstones. Asynchronous communication is the future of the workplace with synchronous communication turning out to be reserved. Asynchronous communication is not new, and it has been in existence for long now. It is a data communication technology where bits are transmitted one after the other. It includes computer-based message transmission where there is no need for immediate human intervention; the message can be read and responded later.

  • Graphical interface design
  • Multi-language support
  • Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS)
  • Automatic Number Identification (ANI)
  • Customer Support and complain booking
  • Advanced call switching and call screening options
  • Database integrated
  • Call center forwarding
  • IT Enabled services
  • Retrieving playback data from database
  • Outbound calls – Tele Marketing industry
  • Multiple telephone line support for analog and digital
  • Call transfer to various extensions, Caller ID facility and option to accept or decline the call

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