Voice Snap Consulting Services

Our experience in Business Process Engineering and Consulting combined with our expertise in Mobile, Web, Voice, and Telephony enables us to provide innovative solutions that will keep you abrest with the fast changing dynamics of the business environment that enterprises face today.

Over the years, we have provided many first of its kind solutions to leading enterprises across a wide range of sectors. The well-grounded and practical approach to understanding businesses, especially their communication needs, have made Voice Snap Consulting Services a preferred partner to many enterprises.

Best in Class Consulting Services For Your Business

Voice solutions are proliferating, and it is a big decision for a business to embrace. The voice solutions come with a host of benefits which you will learn soon as it changes the profile of your business drastically. Our consultants make you rethink user experience. We can make your journey of incorporating voice into your business seamless.


Firstly, we evaluate and forecast the risk and merits of adding voice to your business. This can be regarding user satisfaction, cost benefits, competitor standing and performance changes. We are here to help you pick the right product for your business growth.


Secondly, we interact with your engineers and designers to determine the specification for additional or new voice interface. The requirements are analyzed, and design plans are chalked out to realize the project.

Solution Design

Thirdly, we customize the specifications based on a budget of the client. We can build bespoke voice solutions on all major platforms and assist in integrating with the present hardware and software architecture.

POC & Implementation

Finally, we give you a detailed outlook on how the voice solutions will work and benefit your organization. We do not depend on flashy presentation but go a step forward to use metrics and impartial evaluations to clear all your doubts.

Our Products – Choose The Best Fit

The products offered by Voice Snap includes:


Voice Snap for Safe Trip


Voice Snap for Automobiles


Voice Snap for Sales Leads


Voice Snap for Incremental Profiling


Voice Snap for Schools


Voice Snap for Conference calls


Voice Snap for Feedback


Voice Snap for Toll Free


Voice Snap for Dial Out


Voice Snap Smart Call

Our Approach


Our experienced professionals with years of management and technology consulting experience work with our customers to understand the operational and business requirements.We use our customized Business Process Engineering methods to identify areas for intervention using voice-centric solutions. The aim is to come up with specific solutions that address the need for information flow and processing. Care is taken to benchmark the impact in terms of productivity, cost efficiency, revenue generation gains.


Our Process and Technology solutions teamwork on the inputs of the Diagnostic phase. Well-designed workshops and process walkthrough with all relevant stakeholders are conducted to share the findings and develop the Solution framework and Design.


Quick and efficient solution development frameworks that have been developed in-house are used to provide proof of concepts and demonstrations to stakeholders. The multi-discipline technology teams have the requisite skills sets to integrate the technologies into a seamless and easy to use solution. Over the years, we have also built a repository of tools and components that allow for quick turn-around.


Solutions are designed and delivered on Service Platform model. This allows for end-to-end delivery and maintenance of the solution for enterprises. Besides avoiding unnecessary overhead costs and investments, this model allows for cost-effective pricing and flexibility for customers

What You gain from Us?

There are two fundamental aspects that differentiate us from our competition when it comes to Voice based solutions,

  • Our integrated approach that combines all relevant technical expertise with experience of Business Process Engineering that makes an innovation that transforms your business.
  • Our collaborative development approach that calls for deep understanding of our customer’s business and clear identification and delivery of real benefits through our solution

“This enables Voice Snap to be a Value Creating Partner for our customers like you.”

Customizing voice solutions

If you thought voice solutions are available off the shelf, then read this before you proceed. The user experience ebbs and rises depending on how effectively a voice product is designed. This can be determined based on the specific objectives of the organization. Linguistic data work differently with different voice platforms. We have extensive experience in voice building solutions for an array of industries. We sit from start to finish, designing the product based on the customer business requirements.