Voice Snap is here with yet another breakthrough innovative idea – An app exclusively dedicated for inviting guests to Weddings – Vivaha Voice! As the name itself denotes, this app is a state-of-the-art voice-based application that sends across a personalized wedding invitation in your voice to each and every guest of yours! And make the occasion a memorable one!!!

When it comes to sending wedding invites, we all know how daunting the process can be. Most often, in the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations, we end up forgetting to invite the most dearest of our friends or relatives and regret later! But, not anymore!

Vivaha Voice is your one-stop wedding invitation partner that completely transforms the traditional and tiresome wedding invitation tasks by ushering in the precision of technology in it. In short, Vivaha Voice is the magic potion that makes wedding invitations just a cakewalk for you!

Yes, it is as easy as that!

Make Your Wedding Invites The Voice Of The Town With Vivaha Voice! 

Why Choose Vivaha Voice?

Let us turn the spotlights to a typical wedding scenario. The whole house will be buzzing with wedding festivities and everyone will be running around like crazy trying to manage the wedding preparations and invites. First of all, you will have to crack your brains to create the list, collect the phone numbers and the most tiresome of all- spend hours or even days to sit and call each one of them!

But Not Any More! Vivaha Voice Erases All These Woes In A Flash!

Exclusive Invites

Be it the wedding ceremony, reception, sangeet, or muhurtham; we offer you exclusive invite facilities for each and every wedding event of yours.

Personalized Thank You Notes

Send personalized and memorable thank you notes to each of your wedding guests after the event thanking them whole-heartedly for being a part of the event. 

One Touch To Invite

No more hassles and going crazy over managing the wedding invites! All these cumbersome processes are done in a flash with just one touch on your phone!

1000’s Of Invites In 1 second

Sync your contacts and spend one minute making a call ! With just one tap on your mobile, your personal invite flies across to 1000s of guests in 1 second!


Personalise Your Wedding Invites In Your Own Voice!