Why You Should Partner With Voice Snap

“Competition makes us faster; Collaboration makes us Better.” For us, every challenge is a stepping stone and an opportunity to fill gaps by striking alliances with the right organizations. At Voice Snap, we believe in forging new ties and strategic partnerships to strengthen our approach to solving challenges and enhancing business outcomes.

Are you as enthusiastic and dedicated to creating innovative educational solutions as we are? We’d love to have you on board! Let’s work together and create mutually beneficial strategies that result in productive and profitable synergies.

How Does Voice Snap Partnership Program Work?

When it comes to reaching our goals, we don’t hesitate to walk the extra mile, and we wouldn’t mind traversing twice as far with your help. Our partnership will empower you to meet the growing needs of the global ed-tech ecosystem, reach potential customers and showcase the product to increase sales. Our partnerships open doors to three options:

Referral Partner
Find leads, earn revenue share, and leverage your connections

Strategic Partner
Undergo in-depth training, engage potential clients and expand customer base

Sales Partner
Contribute to our growth by connecting with potential customers and increasing sales

Who Can Partner With Voice Snap?

School Vendors and Consultants

IT Companies and Publishers

How Our Partnership Program Empowers You

We aspire for our partners to optimise their services to education providers across the globe. We help them with:

  • Comprehensive training to enhance product value
  • New strategies to boost marketing, brand awareness and sales
  • CX team support to find quick and resolute solutions
  • Detailed online demos for educational institutions
  • Unlimited resources for sales, marketing, & support services
  • Information on products and services to master learning processes

What We Offer You

  • Pre & Post sales support
  • Online lead support
  • Unwavering team support
  • Campaign for brand awareness
  • Launching, training & support for clients

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