Voice Snap Messenger
Customized School Parent
Communication App

Stay connected with an exclusive mobile app for
schools, colleges & universities!
Available on both
IOS & Android platforms!

Voice Snap Messenger
Customized School Parent
Communication App

voice snap messanger login role Stay connected with an exclusive mobile app for
schools, colleges & universities!
snapshot of School Parent Communication app voice message feature Available on both IOS & Android platforms!

School Parent App For Trustworthy School Communication in India

Communication is the cornerstone for transmitting information. It is the key to success of any business. Gone are the days when parents wait for the school to call upon them to brief about the progression of the child’s academic activities.

Voice Snap introduces asynchronous School communication App to reach out to the parent right on their handheld devices.

Voice Snap proudly presents Voice Snap Messenger a Dynamic and real-time mobile app solution committed to connecting with parents and students with a dedicated number for the school. Parents now will receive calls from the same number round the year.

The school mobile app promotes personalized communication to keep parents informed and stay connected about various happenings in the school.

The mobile app for schools is mutually beneficial for the parents, students, teachers and the school authorities.

School App With A Host of Advanced Features

Voice Snap Messenger is ERP integrated with voice and text messaging. This school  Mobile app features information that can be in any form such as  Voice, text, PDF. The ERP is both web and mobile compatible.

ERP Modules in School App



Student’s attendance marking can be done via this application that sends a real-time notification to parents from School.

Students and Teachers Admissions

Our School app has a special feature that smoothens the student’s admission process & data maintenance of both staff and students.

School Transportation

Real-Time Tracking of the School bus is made easier with our Voice Snap Mobile App.

Mark Sheets

Student’s exam results and progress reports can be updated in this app so that parents can access the information immediately via our app.

Home Work

Parents will get notification about their children’s homework and assignment through voice snap app thereby putting their anxiety to rest.

Transfer Certificates

Schools can upload Transfer certificates in this app. Parents can download and take the print out thereby saving the time of both parents and teachers.

Class / Exam Time Table

Class / Exam time table can be updated in this app. This enables the parents to get notified about the daily happenings in the school.

Fee Details

The fee structure can be updated in this app by school management so that parents can access the information about the fees to be paid.

School Parent Communication Made Easy

Voice Snap special featured product Voice Snap Messenger facilitates the single way of transmitting information from the school to parent using predefined number allocated to School . School authorities are vested with option of selecting particular Class /section wise group messages in specific or whole group about the school alerts . These messages can be recorded and rechecked before delivering as a voice call messages to the parents via server.Timely updation to school creates higher parent friendly approach of schools.


Connect To School, a one in all user friendly school parent communication app to help busy parents to keep track of day to day events at schools.

School Mobile App For Effective Communication with Parents

Our product Voice Snap Messenger facilitates our customer – School to stay connected with the parents regarding the current information updation through messages even in the case of natural crisis of bad weather, landline phone snags etc., thereby assures peace of mind to all parents by putting their anxiety at rest.

Ready To Improve Your School?


Anytime Messaging

Our School Parent App is featured with all the special aspects of instant notification, push messages option , Custom student remarks, unlimited messaging etc. With regard to mobile sms as there is no government regulations.Our Voice Snap School mobile Application has many user-friendly features such as instant notification, School alerts that help to improve the good rapport between the school and the parents.


Stay Updated

Our Voice Snap app serve as a Reliable Communication platform that makes the parents to stay updated with all the School Information. Parents are informed with the instant Notification of school alerts, student progress, customised report of individual. Timely updation to school creates higher parent friendly approach of schools.

Voice Snap is committed to helping schools, students, parents simplify their lives and enhance parent-teacher communication made easier. The Voice Snap Messenger app is easy to download on Play Store and is free. It is available for both iPhone and Android. The information alerts are inserted, and your app is ready to go. Get it personalized for your school with value-added features. Life can never get better than with your child’s progress development at your fingertips.

School App in India That Stands Apart

Difference between Voice Snap APP & Other App -
Know More..
Difference between Voice Snap APP & Other App
Connect to School Parent AppOther APP
Exclusive App for School, by the schoolSocial App for all
Can be personalized with School LogoCommon for all
Authentic information from School onlyNot Authenticated
One way communication – Allows the School to convey necessary messages to parentsMostly Two way communication
Blocking not possibleOn Blocking, The person/group gets blocked totally. Cannot send or receive messages from them
Messages cannot be deleted by School, Parents or StudentsAny message can be deleted
Messages can be trackedVery difficult to track back messages
No unnecessary forwards /messages hence remote chances of missing out on any messageToo many messages and forwards resulting in losing one important message
Totally SecureNot Secure at all. Your messages can be posted in other social media networks like Face book etc
On click of a button, Individual/class/group can be selectedNeed to select individualy
Advantages of Voice Snap Solution over Competitors -
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Advantages of Voice Snap Solution over Competitors
ServiceVoice SnapOther
Parents receive calls from the same numbers alwaysEvery time different numbers
Calls are made to parentsReal Time and instantRecorded and sent by a provider. Delay in sending messages.
Calls will be repeated 3 Times if parents do not pick upOnly one time.
Parents can give a missed call to listen to the messages againNot available
Call Maturity is near 100%Calls tried from 3 providers for better maturityMost of them use 3rd party source for dial out and call maturity rate is very less.
ReachabilityReaches 1000 parents/SecDelayed Process
IVR and Mobile Ali a Trite: atedNo Interation
SMS UsedTransactional (Almost reaches 95% of parents)Bulk (Which does not reach more than 40% of parents)
Patent ProtectedProduct has been applied for PatentNot done


Insights Into To School Parent App

Different Ways A School Can Communicate With Parents In A Crisis

School Mobile Apps Ensure Better Parent Teacher Communication


Does the School App work offline too?

The School App is online/offline based. You can use it with no internet connection in a limited capacity. To get access to all the features of the School App, such as notifications and bus tracking, you need a working internet connection.

Can School App be Customized for individual Schools?

Absolutely yes! That’s the beauty of the School App. School Apps can be tailored to meet the requirements of your school. If you have specific needs, the development team will get the customization done.
Drop us an e-mail stating your school’s necessities at sales@voicesnap.net We’ll reply as soon as possible with a fitting solution.

Is my data secure with School App?

For Voice Snap, data security is a priority. Therefore, we assure you that all your private information is completely secure with us. We take all the necessary steps to make certain that your sensitive data is not stolen to lost.
With our School Management App, you don’t have to worry an iota about your information and data.

Does the school software have a data backup facility?

Voice Snap is always ready to aid customers. It is why our connect to school software comes with an additional data backup facility. A student or a parent can retrieve information from it at any time with no hassle.

What Are The Reasons For Choosing School Communication App?

Messenger by Voice Snap is a mobile application that helps build real-time communication between the school and parents. It is also a big step towards automation. When you install our School Management App, you reduce manual tasks and considerable workload.
The mobile app is filled with features that help teachers, administrators, and parents. Do call us for a demonstration!