Audio conferencing is the process of connecting several parties together on an audio conference call. The multiple lines are connected together via a conferencing bridge. When it comes to the various participants of an audio conferencing call, they can either be called directly by the host of the meeting or dialed in the conferencing bridge manually so that they can join the call. The contemporary audio conferencing solutions facilitate alternate connection methods including cloud-based web connections either via a smartphone application or VoIP.

Basically, audio conferencing solutions will help businesses in India connect to their employees, clients, investors and partners located in the other parts of the country or world. This solution will be cost-effective as they can reach them over a call instead of arranging for an in-person meeting.

Arranging audio conference services in India

Usually, the audio conference hosts are given a dial-in number and a passcode that can be passed on to the attendees who can use it to join the conference call. Those who host the conference call can also control features such as locking/unlocking the call, adjust the volume, mute the call, add/remove guests and more. These controls are called “star commands” and these can be performed by a set of key combinations involving the * key. There is a series of numbers for each of these control feature.

These days, with the advancement in technology, there are many modern audio conferencing services that come with a visual software component. These will provide access to control features from the laptop or desktop of the host. It is also possible to find conferencing solutions that are integrated with video conferencing as well as web conferencing tools. These all-in-one conferencing solutions are sought after many companies nowadays.

How to participate in audio conferencing services in Chennai

When it comes to taking part in an audio conferencing call, participants should have access to these star commands. Well, the access to these commands is limited and only the audio conferencing host can decide on granting access to the same. These star commands let the host decide who will take part in the conference call and also control their volume. The participants have many ways to join the audio conference calls and this is possible via mobile apps, traditional dial-in services and VoIP connections on a laptop or desktop. It is up to the participants to choose the right way they want to use to connect to the audio conference call.

Tips to choose the best audio conferencing services in Chennai

When it comes to the importance of audio conferencing services, these let the companies connect to their remote employees and clients via a call. Eventually, it is important for the tool used for the service to deliver superior performance. For an audio call, the audio quality is a key component. However, many businesses ignore the same due to the complexity of the services that are available in the market right now. Notably, audio conferencing has become complex by the day.

If you want to use an audio conferencing service for your business, then you need to do extensive research about the options available for you and choose the right one. You should ask a few questions to the service provider before finalizing the same and these include,

  • How easy is the service?
  • Is it mobile?
  • Does the service support multiple connections at the same time?
  • What is the size of the audience?
  • Does it integrate with the existing tools or support video and web conferencing?
  • Can it help with international communications?

These questions will help you analyze the capabilities of the solution you are looking forward to use and help make a decision.