Huddle - The audio conferencing app from Voice SnapModern businesses have employees, clients, partners and investors located in different parts of the world. Eventually, these companies depend on audio conferencing app to collaborate with everyone. Talking about audio conferencing, it might not sound like a vital part of a business’ operations and is overlooked by many. In reality, audio conferencing has a crucial part to play in the success of a business. It is important to use audio conferencing services that are of high-quality. If you use poor quality services, then these might ruin the reputation of your business.

Besides quality, there are some common mistakes businesses might make when it comes to using audio conferencing services in India. It is important to realize these issues and fix them if you wish to be successful in your business. Today, here we list some common problems and solutions to fix these over here.

Volume control issues during conference calls in India

The audio conferencing services should deliver a clear and crisp voice as it is the only means of communication. But when there are volume control issues, then the purpose of the conference call is not met. And, the volume control is the most common issue faced by people using audio conference services. The problem arises due to setting the volume too low on the software. This issue can affect your business in many ways. Thankfully, it can be prevented by running a check to know if the sound is audible before the actual conference call.

Sometimes, the presenters might forget to hold the music that plays while the caller waits for all the members to join the conference call. There could be loud music playing and this might not be turned off even after the connection with all callers is established. This might leave everyone connected to the call frustrated and annoyed as the information is not passed on clearly. So, it is important to have soft music at a low volume so that it doesn’t interfere with the call. Note that it is problematic to choose the wrong music. Always stick to instrumental, jazz or classical music.

Disturbances should be combated by businesses in India

When it comes to audio conference calls, there could be disturbances in the line due to reasons such as,

  • Audio noise
  • Audio delays
  • Line noise and feedback
  • Hollow sound
  • Audio echoes

There are chances for audio transmission issues due to the incorrect settings on the conference software used. This can result in disturbances in the audio transmission that will make it difficult for the participants to listen to the presentation and stay focused. These issues will take a toll on the company’s reputation and make clients, investors and customers think that the business is not taking the right step to rectify the audio issues.

In some cases, people associated with your business might come to the impression that you are using a cheap and low-quality audio conferencing service or tool for the purchase. And, this thought is sure to ruin the reputation of your business. So, always use the best software to make sure there are no issues with the audio conference call. Make sure you offer the best possible audio conferencing experience to those on the end other to make it successful.

Failure to unmute members is a major issue say experts in India

When you host an audio conference call, you might have to mute and unmute participants when they are not involved in the call. It is a good practice to get into as having them in time will result in unwanted background noise, which could be distracting. However, it is very important to unmute the participants at the right time. If you fail to do it, they will not be able to converse with you as you will not hear what they say. And, this will leave the members frustrated and they will be forced to quit the conference call or webinar session. This problem is considered to be an unprofessional behavior.

To avoid this issue, you should use the audio conferencing services that come with multiple options to let participants mute and unmute themselves as and when required. This way, one of the major issues with the audio conference calls will be fixed.