Conference calls have made business meetings convenient. Like any other technology, this one also comes with a few pain points. It will take considerable time to adjust to the new technology. And, this applies to the business conference calls too. In the digital era, there is basic etiquette that you need to follow and this could be quite challenging for many. During a business conference call, you will use only your voice to relay your inputs, questions and thoughts. This can be both good and bad based on how your etiquette is.

If you think that a conference call is similar to regular phone calls, then you are wrong. Conference call etiquette is different and its importance increases with the number of people on the call. Moreover, it is very much important when there are language and cultural barriers. You might not have known about it before, but it is important to know a golden rule: Treat others on the call the same way you will like to be treated. In fact, experts in India will detail you the etiquette to be followed while using audio conference call services for a flawless virtual meeting.

Time is very important while using audio conferencing services in India

Conference call that last for more than 30 minutes could be really annoying for the people on the other end. You should realize that time is very important and precious and should make sure you are punctual. It is for this reason that you should schedule the timing for the conference call meetings beforehand and stick to the same. These days, there are audio conferencing services that send reminders before the meeting to avoid being late.

Another thing to be noted is not to drag the call for a long time unnecessarily. It is important to respect and value everyone’s time. Many people drag the conference call as they lose focus but this will disturb the schedule of others. So, it is important to watch the time.

Experts in India will suggest you to stick to the topic

Before taking up a conference call meeting, it is important to have an agenda, define the objectives and frame the expectations. Agendas are highly important when it comes to using audio conferencing services as there are increased possibilities to go out of it. Also, having one before the meeting will help accomplish what has to be done by the end of the call and know who is contributing the major inputs. It is important to make sure that the conference call does not turn into a brainstorming session.

It is common for you to talk about something that wasn’t planned in a meeting. In many cases, you might have discussed many things for a long time but the original purpose of the meeting might not have been discussed. This is why it is important to stick to the point. However, keep in mind that debates and elaboration are key indicators of a good meeting but these should not be taken too far. Also, keep in mind that your meeting should go off-topic.

General tips for conference call etiquette in India

Voice Snap's Huddle AppApart from the ones discussed above, the experts will tell you about general etiquette to be followed while using audio conference services. These include,

  • Fixing technical issues in advance
  • Avoid disruptions during the call
  • Know who is participating
  • Introduce yourself
  • Speak clearly and loudly

When you are conducting a conference call with your clients, you should be professional. There should not be any awkward or scratchy sounds. It is important to have the best communication experience during the call. Before using the audio conference services, you need to fix the potential technical difficulties beforehand. This way, you will be free from issues such as dropped calls, which is a major issue faced by many. Such issues will result in unprofessional calls.

Initially, when you start the call, it is good to introduce yourself to the other participants. Or someone else can introduce you to the others. Likewise, you should end the conference call with a formal goodbye.