A conference call is a telephone call in which the person speaks to various people at the scheduled time. The conference calls are designed in two ways: one the called party can participate in the call and the other, the call is set in such a way that the party can only listen to the call and cannot speak. It is also called as ATC (audio teleconference). The conference calls are also designed in such a way that the calling party can call the other participants and add them into the call.

The companies use specialized service provider which maintains the conference bridge. The service provider can dial to the participants, connects them to the call and introduce to the parties. The operators can take the information and can also enable and disable the conference features like muting participants and muting lines. The operator can also enable the recorder feature during the conference call.

Usage of conference calls in India

Audio Conferencing services by Voice SnapIn India, the conference calls are used by businesses every day to keep in touch with remote parties, both inside and outside of the company. The applications of the conference calls are sales presentations, clients meetings, project updates and meetings, team meetings, training classes and the employees who work at various locations. The conference calls are viewed as basic means of cutting down the traveling expenses. The conference calls allow the workers to be productive.

Conference calls are used along with web conferences, to share the documents and presentations through the internet. This helps the people to view content like sales figures, corporate reports and company data. The main advantage is that the presenter can explain the document details and others can see the presentation. It is very much important to concentrate on the conference call when you are participating.

Three things you shouldn’t do while on a conference call in India

The conference calls are like professional meetings. The conference calls can be crashed even with the slightest disturbance. The things which you should never do on the conference calls are:

  • Never multi-task
  • Never forget about mute
  • Don’t attend unprepared

Audio Conferencing call Services by Voice SnapMultitasking reduces 40% in productivity and 10% in IQ. Get involved in the meeting mentally. Stay away from browsing, social media and be concentrated in the meeting. Your sense and colleagues will definitely thank you. Sometimes an ambulance wailing or a barking dog interrupts on the conference call. Interruption in the meeting is absolutely unprofessional, but it can be totally avoided. Never smack the lips and lick your finger during the conference calls. If you can’t resist, make sure to mute yourself on the conference calls.

Many people forget to use the mute button. Be conscious of when to mute yourself to avoid disturbance. And make sure to unmute it when you want to speak. Next time, remember to use the trusty feature when you are on a conference call. Never go and attend any meeting unprepared. Come prepared to positively contribute to the meeting. This avoids falling backward and risky awkward interruption. Never wear noisy jewelry like a stack of gold bangles or chandelier earrings during the conference calls. This leads to disturbance during the conference call.

Pros of online voice calling app in India

The best audio conference service offers to make calls to mobile phones, computers and landline over the internet. The users have a single phone number and it can be used on all the devices. When the number is dialed, it will ring in the device and the phone. This makes easier for communication. The online voice calling app is an easy way to reduce the phone cost. You can make calls and receive calls on all the devices. The calling app provides a set for features such as caller ID and call screening for improving the call experience.

The calling app lets users record the calls during the call. This calling app allows to us experience best voice quality with a reputable internet connection with the best bandwidth. The online voice calling app offers lots of unique features and permits users to control all the phone services. With the combination of dedicated voice calling app and lots of options, the online voice calling app in India provides a unique experience.